Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Quilting Today

After two days of delaying, I finally tackled the Christmas tree.  It has been sitting in the livingroom and just glaring at it was time to get it done.  Believe me, I would have rather spent the time sitting at my sewing machine but I also love having the tree done so it wasn't really that much of an effort.

Things were going well until the customary accident occurred.

Don't you just hate it when things like that happen.  It was one of my favorite bulbs that I have had "forever".  It was a lovely dark red with gold stars on it and now it is gone forever.

Anyhow, after alot of reaching and bending, the tree is finally done with the exception of the angel on top - I can't seem to find her anywhere.

The picture really doesn't do the tree justice but it gives you an idea of what it really looks like. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Expensive Lesson Learned

A UPS truck just pulled up to my front door this evening.  Six yards of fabric that I have been patiently waiting for was finally being delivered.  It was only bleached muslin fabric but it was 120" wide and perfect for quilt backing.  The total cost of this fabric was only $40.80 and even when an additional charge of $18.99 for shipping was factored in....I still thought it was a bargain.  Imagine my stunned disbelief when UPS told me they needed another $33.12 for brokerage fees.  All of a sudden, my bargain turned into an expensive lesson regarding on-line shopping.  I love ordering fabric from the U.S. and should consider myself lucky that this is the first time I got stung with paying way too much for what I was getting.  I composed an indignant letter to the fabric store and have wiped that site from my list of places to order from.  I also told them that I would put their link on my blog to warn other Canadian quilters about the cost of doing business with them. To add insult to injury.....the muslin isn't even very good quality, lol.

Getting Started

For so long now, I have read other quiltmaker's blogs and decided it was time to record my own.  I am tentatively doing this as it is a new adventure for me.