Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breagha's Lollipop Quilt

It all started with Moda's Lollipop charm packs by Sandy Gervais........I ended up buying 7 of these from Ebay.  I just love this designer and especially loved the Lollipop series.

Then came the decision of how to use the charm packs (and I only ended up using four of them to make this quilt).  I decided on Eleanor Burns "Tossed Nine Patch" pattern which uses five inch squares.

And this is the end result.  A perfect pattern to showcase all the fabrics in this line.  The quilt finished at 54 inches square, a perfect size for little fingers to drag across the floor or for a little person to snuggle under. 

I did not back this quilt in flannel.  I desperately needed a break from the "flannel" backings.  I backed this in a very soft, natural muslin fabric. 

Breagha's little stack of quilts is growing and although she is under the age of 2, it will be interesting to see which quilts will be her favorites as she gets older.  Grandma plans to ensure she has a good collection before that happens.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Breagha's Newest Quilt

This quilt was made for my little grandaughter to use when she goes to the park or for a picnic.  My daughter has been using a very old quilt for this purpose and I simply can't have my grandaughter sitting on something "old". 

The cat in this picture does not belong to us.  He lives next door but likes to come over every single day - even going so far as to sleeping over almost every night.  I guess you could say he does live here, lol.  He is a quilt lover himself and has to do a "test run" on every quilt that is made.

Back to the quilt......I used my Go Baby to cut the squares, which measure 2" when cut, 1 1/2 inches when sewn.  I initially thought the fabric reminded me of crayon colors but when my daughter, Michelle, saw it, she said it was pink and rainbow colors.....and I liked that alot better.  I handquilted flowers on the white centers and again, Michelle wanted a change, she thought using colored quilting threads for the flowers would make them "pop".  So I gathered up all the quilting threads I had and did the flowers in a variety of yellow, pink, red, burgundy, green and blue.  The squares were handquilted in pale pink, in the ditch. 

It really does make the center flowers stand out, colors were used randomly throughout .

Backed the quilt in flannel. (Yes, I know, for someone who doesn't like flannel, Breagha's quilts are almost all flannel!!!!) The binding was done in yellow as well.

It's a lovely yellow with bright green frogs. 

So, that's one more quilt done for Breagha.  Next stop is the post office to have it shipped over to Scotland.  It should arrive in time for a spring outing......