Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Log Cabin

I was so busy babbling about Breagha and Michelle's matching log cabin quilts that I forgot there was yet another matching quilt in the mix! Breagha's baby doll also got one.

And here is baby in her bed, with her quilt.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Breagha's Picnic Quilt arrived in Scotland this morning.  This afternoon (which is evening in Scotland), I happened to facetime my daughter and discovered her sitting on the couch and curled up with Breagha's quilt.

She is definitely a quilt thief - I have caught her numerous times borrowing one of Breagha's quilts.

Her excuse - Breagha isn't old enough to lay claim to things that belong to her specifically!!!!!

As this blog is basically a record for my beloved should be interesting to see how she reacts to this thievery when she is old enough to read, lol.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

UPS Delivery

This quilt book arrived FINALLY today.  I bought my copy from and had to wait for a re-order to come in.

The two talented authors of this book have blogs that I have followed for quite some time.  It was Amanda Jean Nyberg who introduced me to Connecting Threads, an on-line fabric store that I have shopped at many many times in the past couple of years.  Cheryl Arkison lives in Alberta, Canada - next province over from where I live.

Spent an hour or so just skimming the entire book and trust me - it does NOT disappoint.  It's everything I thought it would be and MORE.  It is worth every penny and then some and a book that I think belongs in every serious quilter's library.

If anyone reading this wants to follow two exceptional quilting blogs - try crazymomquilts and naptime quilter. Even if you don't quilt - they are fun to follow. 

Michelle's Log Cabin Quilt

Here is the quilt on our spare bedroom queen size bed.  The quilt measures 84 inches square so that leaves a drape on each side of 12 inches.  The quilt is 12 blocks by 12 blocks, with each block containing 13 pieces for a total of 1,832 pieces in the body of the quilt. 

The pattern was derived from Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day Log Cabin book.  However, she used 2 1/2 inch strips where I narrowed it down to 1 1/2 inch strips...pre-sewn.  The width of each strip sewn is 1 inch. 

The entire quilt is handquilted.  That means, it is quilted over every single inch of it.  I used over three spools of quilting thread on this quilt - more than I have ever used on any quilt. 

If you travel through  my blog, you will see that I made Breagha a quilt almost exactly like this one.  Michelle liked it so well that she wanted an identical one for herself.  I loved the idea of having matching mother/daughter quilts made by mom/grandma. 

I backed the quilt in a soft white muslin and here is a view of the quilting on the back.

The binding was done in red to match the red centers of each block.  The border was done in my favorite quilting stencil of hearts as I always feel that I am wrapping it up with love. 

I must say that when my daughter saw the photos of her finished quilt, she was awfully happy.  She did a search on the history of log cabin quilts and loved what she discovered about them.  More than fitting that both she and her daughter, living in Scotland, will each own a log cabin quilt.