Thursday, December 8, 2011

Breagha and her Lollipop Quilt

The lollipop quilt landed in Scotland a week or so ago and my daughter sent me this video of Breagha with her new quilt.  It's so cute, it has to be shared.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breagha's Elmo Quilt

Finished Breagha's 8th and final quilt for the year.  I am so pleased that I managed to complete so many quilts for my precious grandaughter in that time frame.

This was my first "modern" quilt, my very first attempt at making a quilt without a pattern to base it on.  There were a few bumps along the way, things I might have done differently now that it is completed.....but I thoroughly enjoyed the "process".

The center block was made from a fat quarter, contributed by my daughter, Michelle in Scotland.  It is definitely the focal block of the entire quilt. 

Backed the quilt in a flannel alphabet fabric.  I found this at Fabricland, on sale, and was so excited that I was snapping a picture of it, in the store, and emailing it to my daughter, all while the fabric was being cut.  An Elmo quilt needs an alphabet backing.

Handquilted the entire quilt in a new stencil I found but did the borders in a straight feather pattern.  Bound the quilt in yellow.

Started this blog a year ago and although I am not a regular poster, it has been fun putting this together.  The blog is really a diary of quilts for my grandaughter, a thing done in real time, something that she can read when she is older.  My daughter and I both love and treasure quilts and it is my hope and dream that Breagha loves them just as much as she grows up.