Saturday, April 23, 2011

Breagha's Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

Put the last stitches in this quilt last night, laundered it this morning and have it packed up and ready to ship to Scotland. 

There is no flannel backing on this quilt - I used a natural cotton.  The binding caused me no end of grief - I always have such a difficult time choosing the color for the binding.  Before even starting this quilt, I had decided on a pink binding but when I finished it, I desperately wanted to bind it in orange.  Don't ask me why - I have no idea what goes on in my own mind.  However, I stuck to my original plan and bound it in pink.  This was one of those quilts that left me feeling so very sad when it was completed.  I had such fun making this for Breagha and involved her mother along the entire "quilting process".  The excitment is now to get it posted and off to Scotland.

There is alot of handquilting in this quilt - the only part I didn't touch was the actual Sunbonnet Sues. 

Spring is finally arriving and that will put an end to quilting for a few months.  I plan on sewing in the next few months but nothing compared to the activity that goes on during our long, cold winters.  I also plan on visiting Connecting Threads often in the months ahead so I have lots of fabric to add to my overflowing stash. 


  1. Oh how cute! I am planning on making a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for my granddaughter :)

  2. I am desperately trying to Follow with GFC bit it won't let me. Will keep trying.