Thursday, April 12, 2012

UPS Delivery

This quilt book arrived FINALLY today.  I bought my copy from and had to wait for a re-order to come in.

The two talented authors of this book have blogs that I have followed for quite some time.  It was Amanda Jean Nyberg who introduced me to Connecting Threads, an on-line fabric store that I have shopped at many many times in the past couple of years.  Cheryl Arkison lives in Alberta, Canada - next province over from where I live.

Spent an hour or so just skimming the entire book and trust me - it does NOT disappoint.  It's everything I thought it would be and MORE.  It is worth every penny and then some and a book that I think belongs in every serious quilter's library.

If anyone reading this wants to follow two exceptional quilting blogs - try crazymomquilts and naptime quilter. Even if you don't quilt - they are fun to follow. 

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