Monday, July 9, 2012

Breagha's Lil Rascals Quilt

This quilt is number 13 for Breagha, if you count the little lap quilt that I made for her. 

All started with Moda's lil rascals charm packs.  I have been purchasing these on Ebay and using them sparingly on other quilts I have made for Breagha.  There were four packs left and I decided not to hoard them any longer but just go ahead and use them up in a quilt made exclusively of lil rascals.

I just love charm packs......whoever invented them for quilters deserves alot of kisses and hugs.

One of my daughter's favorite quilts for Breagha is the Lollipop Quilt so I thought it would be fitting to use the same pattern for the Lil Rascals quilt - a tossed nine patch that uses a fabric line without any fillers. 

The quilt measure 58" square, not a large quilt by any means, but not a small one either.  Breagha has just gone from a crib to a toddler's bed so this size quilt will serve her for a few more years to come.  I know, she already has so many this size but a child can never have too many quilts from Grandma. 

Handquilted the entire quilt with flowers on the largest squares (4 and 1/2"), x's on the longer halved pieces, outlined all the straight lines, hearts in the borders to wrap it up with love.  Used a brown quilting thread.

Backed the quilt in white, so the brown quilting thread I used is very dominant on the back.

Used a dark brown Kona solid for the binding. 

Washed and ready to be boxed up and shipped to Scotland. 

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