Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"ELMO" blocks completed

Between last night and most of today, I finished the three remaining blocks for Breagha's Elmo quilt.

Block #7

Block #8

I hestitated to use the blue in this block since the other blocks are mostly yellow and red but I simply wanted to pull Grover (he's the blue character) out. 

Block #9

After using the blue in block #8, I thought I might as well throw some pink in too.

So that makes 9 blocks completed and I even managed to use all the different Elmo fabrics that my daughter and I collected for this quilt.

Now that I have these blocks done (each block measure 14 1/2 inches so they are large blocks), I spread them out on my diningroom floor and played with them, arranging them, leaving them, coming back to them and finally decided on the following layout.

Now, to sew them altogether, decide on how to border it and although I have numerous ideas.....I have not settled on one that I want to finish this quilt off. 

Because I have never done a quilt like this before, I had to leave it out and look at numerous times before I came to the conclusion that I liked it.  The main critic is just under two years old and I suspect she will like it because of the characters and the bright colors.  It's lovely to quilt for a child.

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