Monday, November 21, 2011

Elmo Quilt - Work in Progress

My latest work in progress is an Elmo quilt for Breagha.  After collecting various Elmo fabrics from Ebay (Michelle even found fat quarters with Elmo on Ebay in Scotland and mailed them to me), I finally started on this project.

Searched many quilting blogs to get ideas on how to put this together and finally decided to try a quilt without a pattern.  I have always been such a "traditional" quilter, using patterns that were tried and true, so making this quilt is totally "out of the box" for me. 

Progress is very's probably going to take me longer to sew this quilt together than any other quilt I have ever made but I have to admit, I am enjoying it more than I thought possible.  I am beginning to understand why some quilters have gone "modern" and make quilts without a pattern. 

Block #1

Block #2

Block #3

So far, my idea is to make 9 of these blocks with various Elmo fabrics and once they are done, then decide on how to join/border them. 

Off to my sewing room to work on blocks 4 and 5.  Will post again when blocks are completed.

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