Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breagha's Sherbet Pips Quilt

Oh, the Sherbet Pips fabric line.  How I love this!!!!!  I discovered the pips at the end of their production and ordered what I could find on Ebay.  I managed to obtain three charm packs of this delicious fabric and I also managed to buy some bits and pieces as they appeared on Ebay. 

There is no question that Breagha would be getting a quilt from this line and today, I finally finished sewing up 12 - 12" blocks of it, using two packs of my precious pips and some of the yardage.

And here are the blocks

Each block will be bordered in white fabric.  I plan on getting this top completed by the end of the day, ready for marking tomorrow.  With our frigid winter settling in for the rest of the week, the timing is perfect to stay indoors and quilt away.

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