Wednesday, September 19, 2012

India Embroidery Pieces

Stephanie's next door neighbour made a trip to India and purchased crates of linens and bedding items.  Stephanie obained some of these items and brought them over to show me and to discuss quilting some of them.  It was exciting to see what she had and even more exciting when she dashed back home, went to her neighbour's and brought one crate over for me to go through.  I purchased a baker's dozen of the pillow shams she had and have already started taking them apart.  I want to use the embroidered parts and make them into a quilt for Breagha.

Here is a sampling of what I bought.

I just love them,  Each one is about 10 inches square and I am thinking of incorporating them with modern blocks in mostly white with bits of solid colored fabrics throughout.  I'm pretty sure that Breagha will like them and it'll be another quilt to add to her collection.

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