Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Addition to the Family


This kitten was making all kinds of racket in the alley.  At first we thought it might be an injured bird since we have numerous bird feeders in our yard but no, it was a tiny ball of fur that created all that noise and pushed itself under the fence and into our arms.  This all happened the evening of Aug. 7, 2012 and at that time, she barely looked old enough to have left her mother.  (In fact, after a visit to the vet, she was too young to have been seperated from her mother as she was only about 4 weeks old).

Both my husband and I have had pets our entire lives.  Not the kind of pets that one gets from a breeder, not even a "breed".  No, we are people who own pets that others have discarded and we do not get to pick a pet, the pet picks us.  Two years ago, we made the decision that we would no longer have any pets and that decision was not made lightly.  Pet ownership is a huge responsibility and with our advancing years, it was time to stop caring for pets. 

Every effort was made to initially try and find the owners.  We felt sure that this kitten had escaped from a home and that someone, anyone, would be desperately trying to find her.  Not ad was placed on Kijjii, a call was made to the SPCA and a description of the kitten was left as well as the area she was found in.  No one was interested.

So on September 10, a firm decision was made to keep her.  She had already been with us so long that it seemed almost cruel to think of finding her another home with another family.  Animals, like people, can not be uprooted and planted with different families every few weeks. 

Under protest, not wanting any more animals......we find ourselves parenting once again and the worst part is that.......we are liking it and we are in love with her. 


  1. Oh she is such a cutie :) just popped by your blog to say thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. We have a little rescue cat who also 'chose' us! Lucky Bella to have found such a loving home. Will follow your quilting and parenting with interest, Jen :)

  2. She's a cutie, all right!! My favorite pets have all been someone else's cast-aways! ~karen